Who we are?

Ingenium is a company formed by professionals in computerscience and e-business. We are dedicated exclusively to providing high quality IT solutions.

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Not seek their needs from the point of view of the product offered, but from a much wider context, emphasizing the honesty, the professional advice and integrity of a solution reliable and efficient solution...

Welcome to Ingenium-it our new Website!

Involved in generating new ideas to streamline your business

Our ideas

Web design

Create your site wisely, with the latest technologies in the market.


Offer the best tools to optimize your business process.


Integration with social networks to achieve positioning...

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1Bergmann, Federico

IT Operations Manager - GrowHit
We could meet our needs for reducing software costs and significantly increasing our profitabily.

2Amarilla, Fernando

Systems Manager - Genzyme
Fully confident in all the products offered by Ingenium-it. Beyond the great technical ability, are peopleseriously and possess and impeccable commitment to each project.

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