Our products and services

SMS marketing software
Growhit is the best bulk email software for managing your lists and email marketing campaigns in a few steps. Growhit in one product combines the practicality of a bulk mail software with the flexibility of a web service.

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We are the music of Cuerdas Azules
We have enjoyed sharing design ideas also in the field of music and share our work with the people of Cuerdas Azules. Has designed a fully functional and adaptable to all devices in the current market place.

Neuromuscular Diseases Center Network
The complexity of these entities requires professional concerned, the acquisition of skills in the fields of neurophysiology, immunology, molecular genetics, neuropathology, etc.

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PetsCloud Foundation
We are pleased to provide support PetsCloud. Respect for animals, love an affection we feel for them is also what drives us as a company to fight for all those pets who suffer violence and neglect of man.

Laboratory Software
Ingenium provides a modular computer system that aims to meet the operational processes of small, medium and large laboratories, respecting quality standards and confidentiality of sensitive information.

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Information technology
We are involved with technology and constantly update our tools and software development. So that we can provide products and services that improve the availability of their technology investments and makes it more effective and efficient IT infraestructure.